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15 Survival Tips For Moving House

15 Survival Tips For Moving House

House moving can often be one of the most stresful things we do. So, here at Jonills Removals we wanted to share with you our top tips for moving house.

1. Pack As Early As Possible
As soon as you have set a move date, if not sooner, start to pack up your belongings. Start with the rooms you least use and items that are least used.

2. Declutter Your Belongings
You don’t want to pay to move clutter! Start to look through your belongings and see what you could get rid off and that could go to a charity shop.

3. Book A Removal Company
Save yourself the time, hassle and stress of moving yourself. We do this for a living and know how to move houses efficiently and safely. Let us, quite literally, do the heavy lifting.

4. Know Where Your Important Documents Are Kept
Keep all your important documents, cards, passports etc safe. We recommend keeping these with you on moving day to save unpacking all your boxes to find them when you need proof of ID

5. Don’t Forget To Charge Your Phone
It may sound obvious but having a fully charged phone is often overlooked, but very important on moving day. If you have to contact the removal company and collect your keys your phone will be integral to arranging these vital items.

6. If Someone Offers To Help You, Accept It Instantly!
Moving is stressful as it is, so if anyone offers to help graciously accept! The more help the better when it comes to moving, it is too big a task to do by yourself.

7. Create A Numbered Inventory On Every Box
When the entire contents of your home is packed in boxes, this will help navigate through them all and find your items with ease. It also helps on move in day, so the removals company don’t have to ask where every box goes!

8. Label Everything
The devil is in the detail and the more detail you provide on your boxes, the easier it will be to find everything. It might sound over the top but trust us, when you all the boxes look the same, this will really help.

9. Build Your Bed First
After a long day packing boxes and unpacking, you will be ready for your bed. Don’t settle for using cushions and a sleeping bag and make sure you build your bed first. Alternatively most reputable removals companies do offer a furniture assembly service, which is certainly worth doing.

10. Get To Know How To Use Your New Appliances
Easier said than done but read your manuals, learn how the appliances like the dishwasher, oven even how to heating works etc this is now your home so you need to know how to live in it. If you don’t have manuals then head to YouTube, which has an array of how to guides on the majority of appliances.

11. Don’t Stress About Changing Your Address
Make sure you have Royal Mail redirect set up and then worry about changing your address once you have unpacked. It is worth changing your address on your driving license, bank/building society as soon as possible but if you have redirect on, your post will still arrive to your new address.

12. Don’t Expect To Be Sorted In A Few Days
Moving your entire home takes a bit of time to rearrange again. Sort through the boxes, find a place for your items and most importantly don’t forgot to enjoy your new home. It takes time to find the place for everything but its all worth it in the end.

13. Take More Than One Day Off Work
Moving is exhausting, if you can take some time off work and take time to move, makes things a lot less stressful.

14. Find A Local Handyman
It will save time and you’ll know its been done properly so why not hire a local handyman to put up any new curtains, headboards, cupboards etc?

15. Put Up Pictures, Decorations and Plants As Soon As Possible
This instantly makes your new home feel homely and allows you to put your own stamp on your new home.

For a stress-free house move, it is vital that you have fired professionals. Here at Jonills Removals we have a number of years’ experience and have helped hundreds of people move!

We are also able to provide a packing service and furniture assembly service, which will save you both time and energy on the day of your house move.

Contact us today to find out more about our home removal services across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

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